Dinosaur Game Multiplayer – a simple but challenging video game

A bout the game

Dinosaur game multiplayer (dinosaurgame.io) is based on an offline game of the same name that you can try on the Chrome browser every time you do not have an Internet connection. In this game you control a cute dinosaur and your task is to run as far as possible. You can easily experience this game on your browser because it is a webgame. However, you will notice some improvements compared to the original version. What are the improvements? Read on to find out more.

Dinosaur game is a cool fast-paced and action video game.


Dinosaur game is a fast-paced and action video game. It brings you to an endless desert where you will control a dinosaur that runs automatically and you must dodge the cactus in your path. When the game starts, your score will increase and you need to survive as long as you can to get the highest score. Are you thinking this game is simple? You’re wrong, it’s harder than you imagine.

If you think this game is easy to master, you’re wrong. It’s harder than you imagine.

The challenges for you in this game are the cacti, and they vary in size. For the big cactus, you have to hold the jump key to help your dinosaur jump higher and dodge them. For the small cactus, you can easily avoid them, but you must pay attention to the distance between you and the cactus next.

If you have a mistake (you touch a cactus), you lose immediately. When your score is 450, you will enter the hard mode. At this time, the ducks will appear and you have to dodge them as well as the cactus. During the game, the screen will switch from white to black and you will feel more difficult.

Dinosaur game surely brings you some great moments because of its addictive gameplay


Dinosaur game uses 2D classic graphics, it helps you feel comfortable, close, and approach the game easily. However the details in the game are cute and bring you the fun moments.

Game mode

Google developed the original version of this game in late 2014, however it has only one offline mode. In this io version, we bring you 2 interesting modes: single mode and play with friend mode.

  • In single mode, you will feel like the original version, but an online leaderboard has been added.
  • In play with friend mode, you can invite your friends or your family members and compete with each other. I think it will be very great!

You can play in single mode or play with your friends


I think Dinosaur Game is a popular game and you will have great moments playing this game. The game is designed to give you comfort, relaxation, and fun after a hard working (or learning) day. The game allows you to access from any browser on your computer.

When you enter the hard mode, the ducks are your new enemy

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