Tunnel Rush Review

Tunnel Rush is a modern-time Platform, Adventure, and Thrilling video game. This game was developed by Deer Cat and it is one of the most popular video games coming from this developer. By the end of 2019, Tunnel Rush has reached the number of millions played time on the platforms it was published.Deer Cat

The addictive gameplay

Tunnel Rush features the adventure in an endless Tunnel with the player using the first-person perspective to advance. The game allows the player to use the simple controls such as the arrow keys to avoid the barriers scattered throughout the Tunnel. The game qualifies the player by the number of miles he has reached. The longer the miles you reach in Tunnel Rush, the greater the achievement you achieve.

What makes the gameplay of Tunnel Rush attract the players is obviously the red blocks placed randomly in order to prevent the players from advancing in the Tunnel. The performance of the players relies on their sensitiveness and the border between the dead and live in Tunnel Rush is even thinner than a dime.

The out-of-this-world graphics

Tunnel Rush has graphics that almost every game in its genre is jealous with. Inside each Tunnel in the game, you will see the dark and futuristic decoration. The developer of the game seemed to have a high level of decorating, and his work is no joke! Even when the decoration in each Tunnel is simple, it is undeniable that the quality of the graphics helps a lot in visualizing the image of the game. Tunnel Rush graphics are in high dimension and it is able to beat any game you have played before in visualizing!

The coolest challenges in a futuristic game world

Tunnel Rush requires the player only to swipe left and right to advance in the game, but this isn’t an action that you can easily manage in a matter of time. The execution of Tunnel Rush isn’t as easy as it might seem. You can see in the Tunnel are varying obstacles that aren’t blessing to surpass. In addition to that, Tunnel Rush’s game speed becomes faster and faster to fasten up your gaming experience and awaken your inner power. If you aren’t a challenge acceptor, then Tunnel Rush isn’t a game for you.

The positive and negative sides

Tunnel Rush is free to download, and you can find this game on the various game websites. For the people who enjoy fast-paced games, Tunnel Rush is a blessing video game.

However, the “Rush” part in the game isn’t for everyone. Some soft players may find Tunnel Rush annoying because of the dizzy they feel when the game becomes faster.

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In conclusion….

Should you play the Tunnel Rush? The answer is obviously YES

Tunnel Rush is one of the most played video games in 2019, so why don’t you give this game a try? Even when you may not like this game after you have played it, trying it is always better than leaving it alone!

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