Download CyberLink PowerDirector Free?

It can be said that designing and movie making is a broad field. And we’re getting a qualified education in the area to improve our understanding over designing, movie making, editing, etc.

Of course, you can find lots of software that are created to support this idea. Each of them has different capabilities and features to attract users. But, the best one till yet, in our opinion, is the CyberLink PowerDirector.

Why is PowerDirector best?

PowerDirector by CyberLink offers users different levels of editing, movie design, production, and so on. Besides, it can be availed professionally since it includes all the contents and features of a professional app.

Why is it best?

It’s because this movie design software comes with the most advanced image technology that is coupled with a convenient user interface correctly. Besides, it is equipped with lots of editing tools that make movie editing and production more accessible and more professional. As a plus, it’s appropriate with all Windows versions.

Let’s talk about its user interface a bit!

PowerDirector by CyberLink shows an easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand user interface. It also comes with a shallow learning curve that makes it a favorite selection for beginners. Especially, the huge pack of editing tools and endless features help you create your home movies more attractive.

How to download CyberLink PowerDirector free?

Now, we will show you step-by-step so that you can carry out exactly. Take a look below now!

Step 1

Click here to download PowerDirector 15 by CyberLink – a free version on Windows.

Step 2

Input your name and email and then tap on “Submit” button. You can check a box below if you want to receive the newsletter and promotional offers from CyberLink.

Step 3

Click “Download Now” to get the file and remember to save the License Key below.

Step 4

A screen will pop up and show you the program is downloading. Keep in mind to click “Next” and “Accept” during the process.

Step 5

After installing successfully, open the PowerDirector 15 and select Full Feature Editor.

Step 6

Type the License Key and then tap “Next” to activate the program.

How to use PowerDirector 15 by CyberLink?

Easy Editor

First of all, you need to import your source images and videos to start making a video.

The second step is to choose a “Magic Style” video template. But, since this program only offers the “Action” style, you should download some by clicking “Free Download” to find other styles. Then double-click on the file you want, and the program will install automatically.

The third step is all about “Adjustment.” This function permits you to edit the length of the final video and the background music. Depending on your desire, you can add new music here or use the default one from the style. Additionally, you should notice the setting tabs with some simple options that permit you to highlight various features of the video.

The fourth step is the “Preview” tab, where your video is connected automatically according to the chosen style and settings. Depending on the length of the video, it might take some minutes for the program to complete.

In case you want to name the video, don’t forget to click “Edit in the Theme Designer.” In this part, you are able to edit the title settings, apply some effects by choosing “Effects,” etc. Whenever feeling satisfied with all the changes, just click “OK” and watch the preview again.

The final step is to produce your video. Tap on the “Produce Video” button, and then you can select the desired output format. Commonly, this program offers MPEG-4 video at 640×480/24p. But, if you want a higher resolution, it’s best to opt for 1920×1080/30p.

After that, hit “Start” to render the video.

Full Feature Editor

This function is for those who want to have a little more control over their videos. All what you should do is to click and drag features such as visual effects, audio, transitions, and texts.

3600 Editor & Slideshow Creator

They are two major selling points that PowerDirector 15 boasts of introducing to users.

As its name suggests, 3600 Editor helps to turn your 3600-footage into awesome 3600-video. Moreover, you can add effects, PiP animated objects, and titles to perfect this video before uploading and sharing directly on your Facebook or YouTube.

The Slideshow Creator is also a nice feature in this program. To create your slideshow, just click and drag some chosen photos into the screen, arrange them into the order you want, and then pick up any slideshow style.


Now, you know how to download CyberLink PowerDirector free, don’t you?

It’s rather easy to own one of the most intuitive programs so that you can try to do simple videos at home. And soon, you discover that PowerDirector 15 does a great job of creating the video editing process as easy as possible for users of any levels.



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