Logitech Gaming Won’t Install

One of the most important things for those who use Logitech gaming device is to install Logitech gaming software. It’s because this software allows to customize Logitech G keyboards, gaming mice, select wheels, speakers, and headsets with ease. Moreover, it provides necessary power and intelligence to the equipment, permitting to enjoy all the advanced gaming features.

But, what will happen if Logitech gaming software won’t install, particularly in Windows 10?

Lots of users said that whenever clicking on the software setup to install, a box with a message “Logitech installer has stopped working.” often appears. How such an annoying condition!

Since you’re here, we will show some solutions so that you can apply and stop this case instantly.

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Logitech gaming software won’t install – Quick fixes to consult

Method 1

One of the easiest and simplest ways to fix this issue is to reboot the system. Before learning about more solutions, you should try it at first.

Method 2

If it’s ineffective, try to disable (not uninstall) Windows Defender and any anti-malware/antivirus on the system and start Logitech gamming software. It’s because some processes from this software might be seen as dangerous to the computer, though they aren’t.

Method 3

Or you can try to launch Logitech gaming software installer directly from its folder. Just search for it with Windows search feature or access the folder in \Users\ username\AppData\Local\Logitech\Logitech Gaming Software.

Method 4

Try to uninstall and delete all data from Logitech gaming software with a dedicated tool. Then access Safe Mode, download and install it on the desktop again.

In some cases, this program might work or not since it mainly depends on the compatibility between Windows version and system.

Method 5

Sometimes, the appearance of a bug in the system causes Logitech gaming software won’t install successfully. That’s why we suggest you should check whether you install Windows 10 latest update or not.

Windows Update is known as a great feature that helps to deliver all the necessary updates to users depending on the system configuration. It often consists of new features, improvements, bug fixes, security updates, and so on.

If all four methods above don’t work, you need to enter Settings -> Update & Security -> Window Update -> Check for updates. If you find any available, install it, reboot the system and the install this software again.

In case your system is updated already, try the next step.

Method 6

The Easy Settings Box program from Samsung is also another cause of creating this issue because it allows users to utilize the system monitor by dividing different sections. So, the only way to solve is to exit the Easy Setting Box from Windows 10.

  • Tap on the “Up Arrow” icon at the right side of the taskbar.
  • Continue right-clicking on the Easy Setting Box.
  • Choose Exit from the context menu.

Note that if you’re not using this program, you can try to exit other active programs individually in the System Tray.

Method 7

The last one is mainly for the advanced users. So, if all the ways above are not active, you can try it.

  • First of all, you need to fix the accurate time before launching Logitech gaming software.
  • Then start launching it.
  • If this program restarts the system, try to open Event Viewer.
  • You just find right beforeand after the time this program rebooted the system in order to know what makes the problem.


Above are 7 useful ways if your Logitech gaming software won’t install on Windows 10. Keep in mind to carry out one by one until you find a good solution for your computer.

Don’t mind letting us know which one worked for you since it’s necessary. Thanks for reading, anyway.


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