Which Is the Best Browser for Flash Games?

When it comes to the best browser for flash games, lots of people decide to choose Google Chrome.

Of course, you’re RIGHT. But, do you know that other browsers also help you enjoy cool flash games with ease? Take a look at our list below so that you can have more choice!

Best browsers to play flash games

Google Chrome

As outlined above, Chrome is known as one of the first choices for flash games since it runs smoothly and doesn’t ask for many resources.

In fact, Chrome offers an excellent experience and stable performance without stopping or freezing suddenly. Even when asking the best browser for flash games on Google, you find lots of positive feedback from users about Chrome.


Similar to Google Chrome, Firefox permits you to enjoy flash games smoothly and nicely. However, in some cases, the loading times are a bit longer, and not all players are patient enough to wait too long to play games.

Is there any way to increase the speed?

Of course, YES since Firefox have some add-ons that can speed up your gaming performance. Just note that it will use more RAM than before.


As compared with Firefox, Opera offers the pretty good performance while running flash games. But, if concerning security, this browser is not the good selection.

Microsoft Edge

The last browser that you can consider to play flash games is Microsoft Edge since it is able to run these games well and better than the Internet Explorer.

However, the drawback is that Microsoft Edge uses too many resources to operate. Therefore, in case you want to use it, please test and check whether your computer can handle it or not.

Tips to improve the performance of flash games

Aside from availing the best browser for flash games above, you should consult some tips to improve the performance while playing.

Lessen the flash quality

It’s one of the easiest tips since you only right-click and hover the Quality menu to choose “LOW.” Depending on the game you’re playing and how extreme the visuals are, the effect will better the quality of the games. Though, you might sometimes see no BIG difference between each setting.

If you’re playing games on Chrome or Firefox, both browsers will offer an extension or add-on in order to carry out this automatically.

Disable or enable hardware acceleration

The truth is not too many people know this setting to improve the performance of flash games.

Hardware acceleration essentially forces the computer to avail its hardware to perform a function quicker than possible through software by utilizing the CPU. Depending on each different specification, this might hurt the computer.

So, try to check or uncheck this system and see which expresses the best result for the system. Whenever performing, remember to restart the browser.

Zoom out or resize

Zooming out or resizing is known as one of the most unconventional tips that we found it’s useful in certain games. When performing this, the game doesn’t need to be processed too much, and this make performance better.

Amongst the browsers above, Opera is the one that helps to zoom in and out by using a hotkey. Additionally, you should consider that some flash games with containers surrounding them can exactly restrict the embedded size.That means zooming in and out will keep the flash games embed at the same size instead of enlarging or shrinking everything surrounding it.

Final words

Let’s back to the main question of the best browser for flash games!

Now, you can recognize that Google Chrome is the excellent choice. Not only does it offer Flash integrated but also be safe from online attacks. But, if you don’t prefer to use Chrome, it’s okay to change your mind to Firefox or Opera because of their similar performances.

Besides, remember to try some tips to improve the performance of flash games that you want to play.



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